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Eni Group Austria - concentrated lubricant expertise

Thanks to its successes in the lubricant sector, Eni Austria now manages the lubricant market in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, with branch offices in Budpest, Bratislava and Prague, in addition to Austria. Thus, Vienna is the new headquarters for the CEE lubricant market.

 With its experienced regional sales teams as well as customized product and service parking, Eni has stood for decades for top quality, consulting expertise, consistency and customer satisfaction among its lubricant customers.

 Eni Austria offers its business partners a complete range of high-tech lubricants for a wide range of applications. From high-performance automotive oils to individual product solutions for the industry, customized product and service packages are offered to the customer.

 Eni lubricants - high performance for your engine

 The latest engines place high demands on lubricants. The high quality lubricants of the Eni brand have been specially developed for these requirements.

special products

 For many years, Eni has not only produced motor oils and gear lubricants, but also ancillary products for the transportation industry, which requires basic "accessory" products for vehicle maintenance. These products include antifreeze, brake fluid, suspension fluid and many other specialty fluids