Eni Shop

Your shop for every occasion
With its extensive selection of popular brand-name items, the eni shop has the right product for everyone. Experience the variety of the range for yourself.

With its extensive range, the Eni Shop has the right product for everyone. Whether it be during a brief stop while filling petrol, a short break or for your evening and weekend shopping, the Eni Shop is worth a visit. Chilled beverages, beer, wine (more information on the vinoteca), snacks, desserts and sweets, savoury nibbles, staple foods, fresh produce and dairy products, beauty products and household items can all be found on our shelves. And if you're driving longer distances with the kids, our range of stuffed animals and small toys will definitely make for a more pleasant onward journey.

When designing our range, we rely on well-known, popular brand-name items – to ensure you can always be guaranteed consistent, premium quality when shopping.

Experience the variety of our shops' products for yourself.