Eni Café

Italian coffee indulgence
Enjoy your well-earned break at the Eni Café with select coffee specialities – from the small espresso, to the famous cappuccino, to the trendy latte macchiato in a glass.

Espresso and espresso macchiato – the energising pick-me-ups
Espresso expresses Italian coffee indulgence in its purest and most concentrated form. High pressure and very finely ground coffee during the brewing process produces the classic hazelnut-brown froth – the crema. Its strong aroma makes it the ideal companion for a successful start to the day. Of course, it can also be enjoyed at in-between times – as it is in Italy.
Tip! You should also try the refined espresso macchiato, with a tiny dash of milk and a hint of milk froth.

Cappuccino Italiano – the popular classic
As the most popular style of coffee, Cappuccino Italiano is happily drunk by young and old at all times of the day – and occasionally even at night. The milk-infused espresso is topped off with a dash of frothed milk. The balanced mix of coffee and milk makes Cappuccino Italiano the ideal coffee for every occasion. It is a great way to accompany a fresh cornetto from the Eni bakery.

Latte macchiato – the diverse superstar
With its wide variety of refinements, latte macchiato will most definitely suit all tastes. In its basic form, frothed milk and hot espresso are poured into a latte macchiato glass, but not mixed. The resulting three layers are thus the unmistakable trademark of this coffee speciality. Latte macchiato is a light coffee for all those who want to cut back on caffeine without compromising on coffee taste.
Tip! Adding a shot of vanilla, caramel or hazelnut syrup to this coffee speciality never ceases to indulge the taste buds.