Eni Backshop

Delicious snacks for in-between times and when on the go

Eni Bakeries are characterised by delicious-smelling pastries baked fresh several times a day. One thing is particularly important to us here: only high-quality, select products complying with the strict quality requirements are used. The variety of pastries ranges from Italian classics to Austrian delicacies. The snacks also offer numerous Italian specialities and popular Austrian and regional treats. At the Eni Bakeries, particular attention is paid to the variety of snacks available, which may range from sausages, ham, fish or cheese products – always fresh, always delicious.

You, too, can enjoy the mouth-watering Italian bakery items, oven-fresh pastries, spicy, warm snacks and irresistible deserts. Because the Eni Bakery has a comprehensive selection to suit every taste, including yours!